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Spiritual Rebirth [Oct. 13th, 2006|02:51 pm]
Yoruba World


[mood |distresseddistressed]

**I am cross-posting for the fact that I need all the aid/help I can get! Gracias**

I am now in Indianapolis--away from my given House--away from my Padrino--on a new quest to reshape my spirit and have a total rebirth. To start fresh and begin from the very beginning. I am in need of a totally new House--does anyone know of anyone in Indianapolis that follows our faith? I even had a Divine intervention and was told to buy a new coconut for my Elegua when the coconut at the produce stand started to rattle and speak to me (yeah, I thought I was having a total schizophrenic moment--but my heart tells me otherwise). I was once told that Obatala was my head (yet, had not completed the rituals when I was in my Chicago family).

Can anyone help me here?

It would be greatly appreciated if you messaged me privately instead of in a reply to this post. My main email is BackCreekChris@yahoo.com