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Intro [Nov. 16th, 2005|12:26 pm]
Yoruba World
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Alafia & Greetings to all!

Just wanted to drop a quick line to say hi! I love in Cleveland, Ohio with my Husband, our 2 children and a baby on the way. I have been studying ATRs' for quite some time, although I am a self described Pagan; I always somehow come back to the Orisha. I am not an initiate and I am not sure if I will ever be but I am in no hurry to find a House and become an initiate either. I see life as a learning experience so if I am meant to take it then it will happen, if not then that what is meant to be. I have a particularly strong connection with Oshun & Chango, and was told that my head is owned by Chango. My Husband is owned by Obatala, and our oldest childs' (daughter) head is said to be owned by Ellegua. Since that reading our family has grown quite a bit, but I would like to get another reading done for the younger ones (boys), when the time is right I am sure.

Ashe' & Blessings!

[User Picture]From: springheel_jane
2008-06-17 07:24 am (UTC)
Hey fellow Clevelander! I thought I would let you know about a house in Brunswick, OH in case you were still interested. The Olorisha can be reached at OmiLasa.com and will be at Sirius Rising this summer doing a misa (if you ever head up to Brushwood). It's cool to have found another pagan in this area.
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